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The Star Riders series’ first book, LOOKING GLASS, brings to the forefront how technology has driven and continues to drive mankind’s evolution.  Many of the greatest technological breakthroughs unfortunately never become publicly known.  This was very true with the mathematical leap of all-time, Transcalculus.  Up until now, this world-altering equation has been strictly for limited eyes within the national military complex only.  Whether the knowledge of Transcalculus was made public or not, its ramifications has effected every single living organism on the earth and in this galaxy.  Star Riders will open your eyes on the world that existed before the world that exists today.


Former German rocket scientist, Bogdan Dragunov, is brought to America after WWII to help advance America’s space program.  Little does Bogdan realize that his breakthrough mathematical concept of Transcalculus will spell utter doom for the earth.  His two sons, Mike and Nick, are catapulted into the greatest rescue mission ever conceived.  Star Riders is the epic story that has already taken place, but that no one in our universe knows about.