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Something Fierce : Battle For Evermore


A dark tale from a forbidden member and an extensive dossier, SOUL has long been buried within the walls of Vatican City.  A secret never allowed to be known, now helps shed light on what life after death may hold.

Hell does exist and has been briefly visited by a mere mortal, who survived to document it all.

Welcome to your first step towards the personal and unavoidable BATTLE FOR EVERMORE.

Upon hearing about the team that Fenom Comics was assembling for this project, there was immediate interest on my parttobecome involved.  It has been an absolute pleasure being able to participate in this incredible journey.  This was the first project that I was able to work on all twelve issues before launch.  With that, always under the meticulous direction of Tom and Joe, there was the possibility to adjust key story and character details, which allowed everything to be perfect at launch.

Ace Continado

Enter into a world that has been hidden by governmental forces and sequestered for years by the Vatican.

Coming in 2022, Soul will re-define the afterlife.