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Star Riders : Looking Glass


Like the missing piece of a puzzle that has been found, the mathematical breakthrough of Tanscalculus has provided all of mankind the final pieces for faster than light space travel.

Scientific breakthroughs of this magnitude have reactions.  The Star Riders unfortunatley come face to face with this fact.  No one could have warned them of what was to come in their future.  Or was there?


History is uncovered to be no longer static. Our actions can no no longer be viewed as final. Some choices that have been made – were really never a choice.  

I’ve been blessed with a unique career path, making the huge leap from working as an electrical engineer to working as a comic book artist.   I’ve loved my time in comics, from my first project as artist on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil to a variety of DC Comics projects including Nightwing, Batman, Superman, Robin, Green Arrow, and more.



Inker extraordinaire Rob Hunter first approached me about Star Riders, asking if I’d be interested in joining him and writer Tony Bedard as penciller on a wild sci-fi story with a brand new comics publisher – Fenom Comics.  I loved working with Rob on DC Comics’ Batman and Robin, and I also loved working with Tony on DC’s The Great Ten, so from a pure creative standpoint, I was definitely interested.  Once I read the Star Riders pitch document, I was hooked.  The story delivered the goods, packing wild creativity with high octane adventure while staying deeply rooted in humanity.  It also provided me a uniquely new opportunity to engage both my love of technical things and art in the design of a host of spacecraft using 3D techniques.  It was a great opportunity, and I was in!



Best of all, Tom and Joe have created an enthusiastic and creatively stimulating working environment fueled by their boundless energy.  It’s an honor to work with the Fenoglio brothers and Fenom Comics, and it’s an honor to have contributed to the truly unique Star Riders.

Scott McDaniel

Our journeys sometimes begin with our ancestors’ journeys.  This is true in the case of our two heroes, Mike and Nick Dragunov.  Unbeknownst to them, their journey began in another time and space.  Playing catchup, the Dragunov brothers soon realize that their minds are their greatest weapons.

Many truths are proven false as they witness many impossibilities become possible. In the darkness of space, there is one ultimate truth – no one can hear you scream.